10 year’s younger…

The Case of Mr and Mrs ’10 Years Younger’ 

Mr and Mrs ’10 Years Younger’ were in their late 50’s, but looked and felt like they were in their 70’s. Working 60 – 70 hours a week, Sunday mornings were spent finishing off the week’s paperwork, their business was slowly killing them. Holidays? Few and far between. Hobbies? None. Stress? Lots.  

It’s a common problem.  

So their accountant introduced them to one of our Lifestyle Financial Planner’s. After getting to know more about his clients our financial planners identified Mr and Mrs ’10 Years Younger’s’ real requirements: to escape from their business and get on with their life. And their ambitions: Learn to fly “before it’s too late.”  

On talking with our Lifestyle Financial Planner it soon became apparent that substantial funds had been accumulated in various investments including pensions etc. More importantly, our Lifestyle Financial Planner helped Mr and Mrs ’10 Years Younger’ identify a desired lifestyle in order to calculate their ‘Number’ – the amount of money they needed for the rest of their life. In the course of discussions our Lifestyle Financial Planner asked about the chances of selling their business. Mr and Mrs 10 Years Younger confirmed that an offer had been previously made which was turned down on the advice of their accountant, as the £2 million offered was not near the £5 million of potential value that could be realised in the next 5-10 years.

So the business had continued to slowly kill Mr and Mrs ’10 Years Younger’.

Our Lifestyle Financial Planner went ahead and crunched their number.

Here’s what he found.

Mr and Mrs ’10 Years Younger’ needed just £550,000 to retire NOW, not in 3 year’s time at age 60. If the cost of flying lessons and the purchase of a light aircraft was built in they needed just £750,000 NOW. And this was to start living the life they wanted NOW.

Trouble is, they’d turned down £2 million!

With the help of our Lifestyle Financial Planner they managed to get the deal back on the table and ended up selling their business for £1.8 million.

Mr and Mrs ’10 Years Younger’ continue to enjoy their retirement and now look – AND FEEL – ’10 years younger’.