Tax Efficient

What is the single biggest expenditure you and your business will experience in your lifetime?

For many the amount of tax paid throughout their lifetime far exceeds any other form of expenditure and for most it is an expenditure that can be reduced significantly.

Strategic Planning

It is easy to miss the big picture in tax planning. When looking at the detail, our starting point is to address the ultimate goals rather than small individual issues

Strategic tax planning is essential for both our individual and corporate clients. Our approach looks at the specific circumstances of the individual and/or business, we then examine the needs and objectives of the parties concerned before agreeing an overall strategy.

Personal Tax Planning

We have a track record of advising and assisting high net worth individuals about mitigation of their personal tax liabilities using a combination of tried and tested planning vehicles as well as more bespoke solutions.

Our strategies help our clients reduce their tax liabilities on Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance tax planning and where possible, National Insurance Contributions.

Inheritance Tax Planning

We are often able to substantially reduce our clients’ Inheritance Tax exposure.
The implementation of our strategies can often result in an immediate reduction
of the estate, with no two or seven year periods’ running before the arrangement is effective. Again we use a number of strategies to meet with your personal circumstances; from the simple tried and tested solutions, to the more esoteric plans that are developed by our tax partners.

Whether you are a wealthy private individual or a business owner, we can develop a strategic tax plan that will significantly reduce your tax burden over many years. Our approach is comprehensive and robust and allows us to work with your professional advisers to ensure better solutions with effective outcomes.

Tax Efficient investment portfolios

We make sure our client’s investment portfolios are constructed to be as tax efficient as possible this is central to our philosophy. For example, it makes sense to hold certain investments in a Pension or ISA rather than in your own name. Whereas, some assets will be more tax efficient when held personally.

With the current CGT Limit at just over £10,000, a married couple can realise over £20,000 of investment gains every year without paying any tax. Very few people ever do this and it is only with careful bespoke planning that our private clients will benefit from such a strategy.

We can help you decide on the strategy which best suits you.